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data: 25 listopada, 2022
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autor: Adam Gaca

The recent rise of cloud computing means businesses need to think about effective cloud strategy that supports their operations. This is what we speak about in this guide – we discuss the importance of CloudOps and its meaning for your organisation!

Massive migration to cloud

Some time ago when someone said “cloud” people would look up to the sky. Today, the word “cloud” has a very different meaning and is used by people around the world in their everyday work. According to a research by Flexera, in 2020 more than 50% of organisations moved their workload to the cloud. Today, being in a cloud is not an option anymore – it’s a must-have for every organisation that is keen to develop.

Despite the massive cloud migration which happened within the last two years, statistics show that 39% of businesses don’t have skills necessary for cloud migration, let alone for managing the cloud, even if it became the centre of their online operations. This is exactly where CloudOps comes to the fore!

What is CloudOps and why is it so important?

CloudOps, also known as cloud operations, is the process that combines elements of DevOps and IT operations to deliver, run and support your cloud environment with an underlying infrastructure.

As all cloud-based matters, CloudOps is dealt on off-premises, meaning it can be managed by an external team and does not require you to have a specialist on board when you decide to migrate your data and services to the cloud.

Performed well, CloudOps allows you to minimise the risk of incidents, increase efficiency, flexibility, and accessibility of your system, making sure all processes and resources are managed correctly and always run flawlessly. It also makes you ready for scalability, should your business become bigger.

CloudOps services – areas we cover

At Future Processing, we take care of a wide range of services linked to your cloud environment. Let’s look at our services in more detail.


When you are already in cloud, there are many aspects of its infrastructure you need to take care off. Future Processing offers you the improvement and advanced optimisation of your existing cloud infrastructure, meaning your services will be secure and always available. What’s more, their maintenance won’t cost you as much as hiring an in-house cloud expert.


If you are keen to optimise your cloud infrastructure architecture or to design a completely new one, this is a service tailored for you! A well thought-through infrastructure is much more efficient and safer than a random one. It also allows you to save money, gives you better availability of services and allows for better scalability, meaning your business will not be limited by technology when it gets bigger.


If you have an existing cloud infrastructure and are keen to make sure it respects all standards and has the best security possible, you should inspect it and get a full report about its faults. That way you will be able to address major problems and challenges before anything bad happens.


If you are still using your local infrastructure and are keen to move it to the cloud (which is what we strongly advise you to do) but are not willing to hire completely new people who would be responsible for your digital transformation – Future Processing can do it for you. Our experts are highly experienced and will get the job done to the best results!


When all your infrastructure is already in cloud, you need to think about its safety and also about what to do in case of a disaster. Only such a preparation will ensure the continuity of your business in case of a failure and will always ensure better security of your systems.


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